Rage of the Jilted Palooka

We now have running for Presidential office a Mr. Donald Trump, a political oddity who has rubbed elbows with both Republicans and Democrats and supported candidates as diverse as Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton. In my opinion, he is a political opportunist who, unlike the elites of either the Republican or Democrat parties, has sensed the incredible levels of angst and distrust fomenting in the population, and now sees it as an opportunity to gain clout and power. There may be some genuine love for the United States there. There may not. In spite of the spectacle that he has made of American politics, what I find most funny in all of this is the behavior of Conservatives.

Conservatives have, for decades now, nominated and elected authoritarians, bullies, liars, and candidates that are far more socialist than libertarian. Some of the most far reaching socialist measures in the United States have been campaigned-for and signed into law, not by Democrats, but by Republicans. This is understandable, as when a Democrat pushes socialism he will be fought tooth and nail, but when a Republican pushes socialism, it is quickly excused and forgotten if it was even noticed in the first place. Now, when there is one candidate who is just as much an opportunist as all the rest they have voted for previously, these same Conservatives and Republicans scoff and chafe.

"He's a secret Democrat!" I hear. "He's an authoritarian!" I read. Why has this suddenly started to bother you now, Conservatives? When we were all caught up in the furor of patriotism after 9/11, I didn't see many Conservatives cry foul at the draconian assaults on our liberties enacted by the Bush administration. When George H. W. Bush prostituted the country by singing NAFTA, I didn't see you cry out in defense of American interests. I see no evidence, then or now, of Conservatives crying foul when Ronald Reagan pushed for globalism. From whence this sudden passion regarding liberty, Republicans? Why all the concern over authoritarians, Conservatives?

This new-found vigilance astounds me. You strain at a gnat, and swallow a camel. You think Trump can establish a dictatorship in a single term? You have been building, brick by filthy brick, a tyrannical edifice that will dwarf anything we have seen before. I had thought, as Trump demonstrated that he knew how to play the game and play it well, that the established Republican politicians would be humiliated. I now see that it is not only the elected officials, but the electorate that has been caught with its pants down.

In your rhetoric, you name yourselves as the ideological heirs of the Founding Fathers. If you were truly anything like them, you would have revolted against your government long ago. Conservatives and Republicans have more in common with early 20th Century socialists than with the Founders. It is time to end this ridiculous charade. We are entering into a new political era, one that you have birthed through your complicity and ignorance. I suspect that this era will be known, not for the proposed Conservative Renaissance, but for the intense discord arising from racial and regional upheaval.

I have no idea if any of Trump's rhetoric is sincere. I have no idea what he will actually do if he is elected President. What I do know is that it can't be any worse than what Conservatives have inflicted on us over the past 50 years.